Pain Mapping Salve Small Double Strength


All Organic Ingredients: Full Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD), Shea Nut, Coconut, Argan, Sweet Almond Oils and Beeswax. Essential Oils: Orange, Clove and Peppermint.

Activation time 5 minutes. Do not eat. Depending on the status of the individual’s topical pain source, relief may last 3-12 hours. Suggest using after warm shower and right before bed for peaceful sleep and extending feelings of no pain or less pain for the next day.

Our products are grown, extracted and processed in Oregon with pride.

Azule Products are licensed with the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Crafted onsite by the world’s finest hemp cultivators. This product is not approved by the FDA to treat, cure or prevent disease. Expires 2021. Gluten Free, vegan and not tested on animals.

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Azule CBD products are made with full spectrum hemp extract that also contains trace amounts of many other cannabinoids including; THCA, delta 9-THC, delta 8-THC, THCV, THCVA, CBDA, CBDA, CBDA, CBDVA, CBDVA, CBN, CBG, CBGA, and CBC. This unique spectrum of hemp extract works better together for a higher healing powers. Each grow and batch of products are lab tested before and after each extraction process. Additionally, Azule LLC products are third party tested in Oregon certified labs.