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Pain Mapping

Pain, trauma or fatigue?

Are you curious about hemp healing without getting high? Our full spectrum hemp extract contains trace amounts of additional cannabinoids that work together to balance the endocannabinoid system. Only cannabinoid keys fit into these receptors. Azule Power Drops and Pain Salve enabling cells to communicate more efficiently for a wide range of medical issues. 

Azule CBD products are made with full spectrum hemp extract that also contains trace amounts of many other cannabinoids including; THCA, delta 9-THC, delta 8-THC, THCV, THCVA, CBDA, CBDA, CBDA, CBDVA, CBDVA, CBN, CBG, CBGA, and CBC. This unique spectrum of hemp extract works better together for a higher healing powers. Each grow and batch of products are lab tested before and after each extraction process. Additionally, Azule LLC products are third party tested in Oregon certified labs. 

We prescribe to best practices developed at Oregon State University Global Hemp Innovation Research Center.