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I put my summer on hold to finish the work I started in Transport Justice at Harriet Tubman Middle School. I keep thinking there will be some finish point but as Ram Dass says the world is always full of suffering. You can only do what you can do. Having lived all over the world, owned tech businesses and had babies. Nothing is ever predictable, not even your own identity. I was told I was Spanish my entire life.

Genetic testing, original birth certificates, the surprise death of my father and now I fully comprehend the truth; I’m indigenous and nobody cares. If you aren’t on the tribal rolls you aren’t in a tribe. One can figure out for yourself what tribe to affiliate with, according to other people who had this experience. White passing as Latina is not a fulfilling life. I’m passed over for most professional things. I just have a very different way of thinking then most people and I really think spatially, which is why I’m a guru at GIS. I’ve been studying spatial data for over 25 years. My hunches make very reliable predictions but I’m too cantankerous to explain it. So I’m heading into Klamath Basin for a spiritual purgatory from Portland. I’ve always preferred rural Oregon to living in PDX. Fighting freeways seemed like the right urban rodeo to ride for a Sacajawea impersonator. Pass the peace pipe took on a whole new meaning this summer.

My grandfather put down roots here in Klamath Falls and purchased cemetery plots for him and grandma Nina. They retired here after many decades as the janitor at the local theater. Cushy job for a Brown family at the time. My father purchased a home down here. It’s my honor to occupy this space while I figure out what to do with the bank; I believe there has been some predatory loans placed on the house. I’m going to post-op Summer of 2020 protest tear gas healing and recovery in my dad’s house he purchased through the Veteran’s Home Loan program. He had no concept of debt, but did a spectacular remodeling job. So everything but the house got repossessed. Par for the course in Klantucky; now its just death and taxes. As per usual.

I feel like I need to write a book, this all too much right now. So I’m shuttering Azule Wellness and will be announcing a new business venture soon. Stay tuned! I always have 27 back up plans. And if there is enough snow this winter I will build some snowboarding half pipe ramps in my backyard. Cause nobody cares what you do in Klamath Falls. Just don’t take their guns, keep the buds flowing and we’ll get through the climate fires without sparking a rebellion. There’s still reliable farms turning out quality cannabis and hemp products for export.