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Ram Dass has a large following. His story comes from getting ejected out of Harvard tenuretrack because he dosed a bunch of graduate psychology students without guiding them. #WCGW ?

He got ejected, the entire program shut down and the entire *Brown Latina* methods of curing were outlawed.

The War on Drugs was actually a war on the healers of the south. The Curenderxs.

Smart old ladies who know how to heal themselves and their families were now “Schedule” X on the

“War on Drugs” was created.

That guy went into hiding in India and came back as the lucrative franchise Ram Dass.

I enjoyed the free podcasts. But the last one on pschadelics was shut off abruptly which makes me wonder…

Why did they cut off the talk. What else did he have to say?

So as the gurus say, sometimes you graduate gurus.

And now we all get to learn about Pacha Mama, the goddess from South American who’s hxstory is quite interesting.

More to come!

And DUCK the Ram Dass and Deepak foundations. You are now the teachers in your neighborhoods with me together.

Blessed Be!