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I lost track of the OLCC for a bit. They used to be the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. Now its the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission. OLCC now runs the permitting for alcohol, recreational, medical and industrial grade hemp, cannabis and marijuana.

I used to track them when they were envisioning giant “WalMart” stores of weed. Instead they became the giant agency of recreational drug permitting.They are hiring 8 new permitting specialist. They are actually building a new team to handle the permits holistically. This is the international export crank.

Oregon dispensaries are smaller and more locally distributed. The “superstore” in Klamath Falls is the size of a small auto parts store, converted. Nobody wants to secure a WalMart store cash deposit box. This industry still has a lot more room to grow locally and statewide.

This took some 20 years of policy development in the most progressive state in the union. So if another state wanted to just “cookie-cutter” the entire state program. This is it. Can confirm the referral.

All of the economic growth predictions are about to hit the green light in Oregon.