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Neurodiversity is the mother of innovation. Instead of trying to put a negative clinical diagnosis on a talented individuals, like schitzo, retarded, Downe Syndrome or autistic. Azule Stewards accept these people for who they are and the talents they may have to contribute.

After my father’s dignified death I had bout of debilitating depression. I underwent a series of psychological evaluations to determine if there was additional ‘traditional’ medicine or pharmaceuticals to help. A number of psychiatrists just told me I was really smart and depressed. Unhelpful but normal. This why most people turn to cannabis for stress and anxiety relief. CBD is excellent for stress.

CBD is a a natural remedy with no side effects. Addressing an unbalanced endocannabinoid network helped me forget why I was depressed and helps me eat when I don’t have an appetite. Cannabinoids are naturally occurring in human breast milk so we know its a healthy component of fertility and wellbeing.

This ESRI article on neurodiverisity best describes my brain. Between 2003-2004 I finished my Cornell thesis paper via Gmail. I left Ithaca and finished my dissertation a year later in Portland. Upon reviewing my first emails to and from Cornell email servers was during the same time period for which the business model for Google Maps was developed. Perhaps its not so much that I predicted Google Maps, as they copied my idea developed at Cornell on my paper “Public Dissemination of GeoSpatial Data at the State Level via FOIA mechanisms”. Here’s a screen shot of my final upload, after numerous previous drafts, preceding this final upload. Which coincides with the exact date that Google announced Google Maps, April 8th, 2005.

I don’t mind having my work copied, but it’s disgraceful that Google is channeling it’s profits and taxes away from the communities that helped it start. And now Google has commodified their mapping applications making it difficult for small businesses to get on their maps. Again these maps were developed on top of government data paid for by taxpayers. This is a considerable expense with no additional sources of funding except regressive land or gas taxes.

So, tech entrepreneurs are left scrambling to get past government data paywalls to use public data to test private software applications. Only the software companies with a lot of money can compete.

We can fix it with a leap of faith that may prove more valuable then anticipated. Give away government data for free. The benefit derived in the innovation sector will always be better then internal government agencies. As policy makers are unable to make enough changes in their databases to match constantly changing state regulations.

As it stands now there is no effective database monitoring or integrity in outside auditing of these public databases (re:ODOT). This is why the recent State of Oregon unemployment checks got held up. They are running on outdated technology and databases that are not integrating or delivering services the general public has come to expect in the new technology world.

So what am I saying? Listen to women of color who are mothers. They can sense the most cost effective solution. Kind of like mom’s who clip coupons, they get the best deals on everything and they will run the government with unexpected efficiencies. The mother of innovation is diversity of opportunities and individuals capable of pulling together global strings of data. We aren’t crazy. We are crazy geniuses.

I still loose my phone or keys almost everyday. My life is like a page out of a Sacajawea nextgen scifi chapter. If Google wanted to pay me back I would accept a fellowship on tribal cartography. Thanks