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Can confirm: When the Colliers Campground Fire Started north of Klamath Lake, later the next day an arsonist was attempting to set fires in Stuart Lenox neighborhood in between Klamath Falls and Keno on Route 66 near Dead Indian Memorial Highway and White City. I was in the same neighborhood staying at my aunt’s house.

You get the picture. Klamath Basin HAS INDIGENOUS HISTORY! The original Highway 97 north south route lead through this Basin because its the flattest north south landline and access to the largest body of fresh water en route. It’s also a major migratory bird feeding ground.

They found the guy who was going around with a propane blow torch and beat the bleep out of him. He didn’t get news coverage, he barely walked away with his life.

Everybody knows everybody and everything about everybody and their grandparents in Klamath Basin. Community justice is quick and painful.