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I’m predicting a massive bust in the Infrastructure package. The oil and gas industry has pumped the Infrastructure Bill with “Blue Hydrogen”, which according to TheHIll.com is worse then coal.

At Cornell Econ they always new natural gas was supposed to be a “transitionary” fuel source b/f wind and solar. Hydrogen is not a proven technology.

It’s another marketing gimmick from the demons of propoganda.

FWIW I don’t really know how I came up with Azule Wellness. I just wanted to grab about 20% of the market segment with a private label. If you divide the colors from the rainbow it kind of evens out in my mind.

I definitely did not want to add the “Wellness” part, but she insisted. Clearly I’m uncomfortable providing medical advice, since I”m just an azzhole economist who started as an  environmental economist.

If the Treasury keeps printing cash the entire model gets sketchy and all our Travel Demand Programs get wacked by external unplanned chaotic events.

Just like the landlord associations. Maybe we need a real estate crash to put them in their place. Custodians of the lands, not capitalist.

For all the long distance admirers. Keep on Keeping on!

Pray for wind in the Basin.