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My family migrated to Klamath Falls as migrant workers, Robles, meaning oak tree in spanish. On my father’s side lineage through Spanish Conquistadors de Sotos y los Juaques, and the Raramuri the last standing indigenous community in Mexico known for their long distance running. My mothers family is from Aztec, New Mexico a ghetto town outside of Albuquerque named after a dead tribe; likely descendents from the Navajo, Pueblo and European honky tonks.

I grew up on the banks of Siltcoos Lake in between the long white dune and the Siuslaw River near Florence, Oregon. Siltcoos is the second largest natural fresh water lake after Klamath Falls. The Siuslaw and Siltcoos had enormous salmon runs on mild coastal wetlands. I learned about European beach grass, sand dune biology (snowy plovers and mushrooms) from local sand dune legend Wilbur Turnik’s, landscaping business as a field hand. We grew the foredune, which itself is now a tsunami break.

With no real tribe to call my own, I always used cannabis to find family and learn local customs in Central America and New Zealand. My father used it daily for PTSD related to being a Vietnam War tunnel rat.