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April 20th is the de facto national weed holiday. Today I want to give thanks to my chosen family. The people who have supported me on my professional journey into the cannabis industry. I started as a legalization advocate and patient caregiver in the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program over 20 years. This community has always been a supportive group of community advocates and care givers. Through this program I learned to grown and I have given away A LOT of products to friends and family. I no longer grow weed, there is enough supply in the market, so instead I am focusing on education and distribution. 

People in this industry, myself included, have sacrificed professional and family ties connections with people who are not supportive of legalization. There’s a whole sleuth of industry bottom feeders that want free samples but won’t endorse products publicly nor pay a full rate. Some have gone further to attacked my personal character because my participation in this industry.

Most cannabis companies are not making as much money as you think because of all the hidden back end fees specifically targeted at this industry with long standing discrimination and a good old boy networks. I try to stay positive, but I think its important to recognize where this industry came from.

If you want to help break these cycles please pay for your products from legal sources.