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Labeling CBD products under FDA

Azule CBD products are third party tested for every batch. I know exactly how many CBD's are in each product. I third party test results at Oregon certified labs. In case you are curious about the status of FDA rulings this article from Canna Law blog elucidates the...

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Thank-You Budtenders. HEROS

Cannabis industry shining clear like a beacon of light. Dispensaries are sticking to strict protocols of distancing and product delivery. There is only one bottle neck to the Oregon uniquely awesome regulatory system : PACKAGING! Please stop requiring excessive...

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CBD Dosing for Children

This is a great article on CBD for kids. You can give your kids A LOT of CBD if you need to. This study gave 1000 mg of A DAY to kids over a year. That is like drinking a bottle of Azule Power Drops every 1.5 days. That's a lot of cannabinoids. But if you have big...

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Roberta Robles

Founder, Azule LLC

Professionally educated as an environmental planner and cartographer on the Columbia River. Her path to deeper spirituality led her to cannabis healing. She is a HIGH functioning cannabis user. She has held medical marijuana cards in Oregon and California and has been sharing cannabis with friends and relatives for decades.

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