Azule CBD Products

Our products are sourced with the highest integrity. That's why it's taken so long. We've waited until it was legal and worth coming to market with the best product at the right time. Our cbd oil is sourced from an organic farm in the Willamette Valley, certified by...

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Cannabis Revealed (2017)

I highly recommend Cannabis Revealed (2017) - How the world's most misunderstood plant is healing everything from chronic pain to epilepsy. This is the 'bible' for medical professionals by Bonni Goldstein MD hashtag#healinghashtag#chronicpainhashtag#plants

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Native Cannabis Voices

Roberta Robles was born mixed out of the southwestern mestizo blend of native, white, spanish. With no offical tribal affiliation, Roberta speaks as somebody who has risked a lot to get the medicine that she and her family has used for many generations. She blends...

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Roberta Robles

Founder, Azule LLC

Professionally educated as an environmental planner and cartographer on the Columbia River, her path to deeper spirituality has led her on a path of cannabis healing. She is a high functioning cannabis user. She has held medical marijuana cards in Oregon and California and has been spiritually sharing cannabis with friends and relatives for years.

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