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Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission

I lost track of the OLCC for a bit. They used to be the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. Now its the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission. OLCC now runs the permitting for alcohol, recreational, medical and industrial grade hemp, cannabis and marijuana. I used to...

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Infrastructure Bust w/o Weed

I'm predicting a massive bust in the Infrastructure package. The oil and gas industry has pumped the Infrastructure Bill with "Blue Hydrogen", which according to TheHIll.com is worse then coal. At Cornell Econ they always new natural gas was supposed to be a...

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Pacha Mama Alliance

This group is run by nice minded white folk elevating the voices of Indigenous. They educate on traditional South American traditions and new school activist. My new interest at the moment.

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Ram Dass Graduation on Psychadelics

Ram Dass has a large following. His story comes from getting ejected out of Harvard tenuretrack because he dosed a bunch of graduate psychology students without guiding them. #WCGW ? He got ejected, the entire program shut down and the entire *Brown Latina* methods of...

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Hiatus Overhaul

Sometimes you have to break it all down in order to build it back up again. I spent the last years grieving, protesting and in quarantine. It's been a joy of solitude and healing. I'm sitting on mounds and mounds  of hemp...

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Roberta Robles

Founder, Azule LLC

Professionally educated as an environmental planner and cartographer on the Columbia River. Her path to deeper spirituality led her to cannabis healing. She is a HIGH functioning cannabis user. She has held medical marijuana cards in Oregon and California and has been sharing cannabis with friends and relatives for decades.

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