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Azule Green Strategies

 COVID pivot; from product distribution to Geo-Intelligent solutions. 

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From Product Development to Data Distribution, hemp product development spatial intelligence of growing regions, legal routes for growth, real estate, IT,  operations and facilities mapping.

Cartographic Clarity in the Cannabis Industry  

Cartographic Clarity in the Cannabis Industry

Azule Pain Mapping CBD Salve

Full Spectrum CBD Topical Pain Salve. This salve is excellent for applying directly on aches and pains.

Each salve product may contain between 250 mg and 1000, mg CBD per ounce, depending on size of bottle and strength. Pain Mapping Salve comes in regular strength which is 250 mg per ounce and extra strength which is 500 mg per ounce. They come in one and two ounce glass jars.

These cannabinoids extracted from hemp flowers are precisely blended with organic shea nut oil, coconut oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil, beeswax & clove, peppermint and orange essential oils. It’s guaranteed to contain the exact amount of cannabinoids labeled and it works.  30 day money back guarantee.

Azule Power CBD Drops

Azule Power Drops contains 750 mg or 1500 mg of CBD, the highest amount the endocannabinoid network can integrate. Each bottle contains 750 mg or 1500 mg full spectrum Oregon CBD oil blended with organic olive oil. No sugar, gluten, or salt. 

1 full dropper contains 25 mg CBD

Azule Power Drops are savory in flavor similar to black pepper. Drizzle on salads, blend into smoothies or simply straight into your mouth. Do not cook or refrigerate. 


Inspired Cannabis Expertise

Azule CBD products are licensed with the Oregon Department of Agriculture Industrial Hemp Program on a B Certified organic farm. Crafted onsite by the world's finest cannabis cultivators in the best growing conditions in the world. Our products are third party tested at Oregon certified labs. Azule LLC is a minority female owned enterprise. Please contact us for hemp inspired geointelligent solutions

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